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Need Content Written or Translated? You've come to the right place!

Here's a little about Our business

In a few words, we are a Language Service Provider (LSP) offering:

Translation, localization, interpreting, copywriting, content development and voiceover services.

All this in a wide variety of fields and language combinations.

While we deeply specialize in the English ‹› Spanish combination, we are so much more than that!

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Human linguists for human audiences

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Tailored to your needs

We are a leading provider of translation, localization and interpretation services offering premium solutions to all your linguistic needs.

Our promise

Our multicultural team of professional linguists will go the extra mile to meet tight deadlines and satisfy your needs.

Worldwide presence

Our main offices are located in Miramar, Florida, USA, and we work with trusted resources spread throughout the entire world.

What this basically means is time zones are not an issue for us.

This is what we do



Our team of highly-skilled and experienced professional linguists is ready to take care of your translation needs at competitive rates and quick turnaround times.

From legal and corporate documents to books, magazines, journal publications, websites, mobile apps and much more, it will be an honor for us to provide the best, most accurate and timely human translation service you will find.

Localization and transcreation

Localization And Transcreation

Get your message across global audiences with professional transcreation and localization services.

Update your content to reach region-specific audiences by implementing creative translation aimed at your intended target while boosting local SEO.

Our multicultural team of professional linguists will go the extra mile to meet tight deadlines and deliver premium-quality results at competitive rates.



Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting service for individual needs, business meetings, conferences, video and telephone calls, depositions, hearings and more.

Our team of professional interpreters is ready to assist you in live events as well as video/telephone settings.

Don't risk missing valuable information due to miscommunication; source professional interpretation services performed by field experts.

Voice Over

Multilingual Voice Over

Our multi-cultural team of highly experienced voice talents is ready to give that perfect local tone to your video and audio content, such as ads, training materials, promotional bits, audiobooks and more.

Have a voice talent tell your stories in different languages and a variety of accents.

Say no to those robotic voices out there and market your brand in various languages with a human voice that connects with your target audience.



Let's cut straight to the chase...

Great copy sells!

You need copy that pops and highlights your brand's best features with clarity and conviction.

We can work on your existing copy (in any language) and turn it into conversion-driving gold...

...or we can work hand in hand with you to develop your brand's unique voice.


Million translated words


Years of experience


Corporate accounts


Satisfaction guarantee

Guess What!

We have subscription plans too!



Get up to 1,000 words translated per month on a single, discounted fee.

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Get up to 3,000 words translated per month on a single, discounted fee.

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Get up to 7,000 words translated per month on a single, discounted fee.

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Get up to 12,000 words translated per month on a single, discounted fee.

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What people say About Us

The truth is, getting to know LML Translations has represented a great plus for my professional activity. They are very responsible, attentive, and fast. They really surprised me with a couple of challenges that called for a very creative approach, and without them, we would not have been able to do it.

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